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about Vulcania

Steampunk setting, furious combats, deadly dogfights, and spectaculars maneuvers.

Fast and deep one die mechanics and a whole lot of excitement!!!

Vulcania is a tabletop roleplaying game full of action, conspiracies, and investigation, set in the smoky atmospheres of the industrial revolution of a Fantasy - Steampunk world. In Vulcania you can play as an adventurer, a soldier, a scientist, or a scoundrel struggling to find their place in the world, chasing fame, power, money... or justice.

The Letvian War ended ten years go but new powers are already plotting in the shadows. Explore a mysterious world, where human life is scattered among six volcanic archipelagos surrounded by a stormy sea. Take to the seas or soar in the skies aboard an Airship, face lethal enemies with the power of sword and alchemy and unearth lost secrets. Honing your skills to survive the bleak moors of chaos and harness the power of your own mind.    The war might be over… but there is no shortage of reasons to fight! Survive the expanses of Abrabazem, braving destroyed cities, toxic clouds, and mutated creatures to unearth forgotten treasures.   Explore the arid deserts of Balastoc and its overcrowded cities, where the clergy of the Red God Isairnes rules over a nation that struggles to balance progress and backwardness, heresy, and terrorism. Search Itteghasp for secret knowledge and special equipment, where the Monopolies placed their headquarters and their mercenary minions guard their secret knowledge. Fly over the rugged peaks of Ketniv and its mountain cities and meet is disciplined and contemplative population. However, beware not to stir the Imperial beast and its generation-spanning rule. Venture in Mostucaal, once the most powerful isle-nation of Vulcania, and find out how the greed of man and civil war have drained both body and soul of its inhabitants. Penetrate the frozen lands of Nuugard, a territory as wild as it is deadly, tamed only by the stubborn tenacity of a race of indomitable warriors, tempered by the ice and the fire of a thousand battles.

game mechanics

Forget boring neverending turns of combat and unleash the power of your hero! 

​1 die, 4 attributes, 6 origins, 16 skills, and 21 past experiences for endless customization

Vulcania is a dynamic world full of adventures. As such, everything in the system is designed to get you constantly into the action at the gaming table. Mechanics are deep, fast, and highly strategic.

  • Learn the core mechanics in 5 minutes

  • Set your combat scenes with official maps and tokens 

  • Perform cinematics maneuvers and reroll unlucky shots with Gears of Fate

  • All the rolls are delegated to the players, so as a Narrator you are left free to lead them through the story  


In Vulcania, everything revolves around the d12. Your Character interacts with the world of Vulcania by making Tests when the result of their action is uncertain. You must roll a twelve-sided die and add the Score of the Skill that best suits the situation. Tests can generate spectacular maneuvers and cinematic actions and the Gears of Fate will help you to hold off the bad luck and unleash the power of your hero!


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