VULCANIA - a steampunk role-playing game




Join the crew and stay up to date on the Kickstarter campaign for the second volume in the world of Vulcania: Beyond the Storm.

A whole new world awaits: a land of breathtaking wonders, dangerous creatures, and ancient civilizations. A perilous world full of opportunities for everyone bold enough.

In a word... a world for Heroes!

Welcome Aboard!!!

VULCANIA in a nutshell

  • Steampunk setting

  • Furious combats 

  • Deadly dogfights 

  • Spectaculars maneuvers

  • Prodigious Gizmos

  • Weird science

  • Airships

  • A whole lot of excitement!!!

Our strengths

  • Simple core mechanics & crunchy options

  • Set your combat scenes with official maps and tokens 

  • Perform cinematics maneuvers and reroll unlucky shots with Gears of Fate

  • Fight faster than ever thanks to fast and deep one die mechanics

  • Enjoy the inspiring arts of our illustrators