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Vulcania role-playing game Complete Bundle

Steampunk setting, furious combats, deadly dogfights, and spectaculars maneuvers.

Fast and deep one die mechanics and a whole lot of excitement!!!


why vulcania

Fight faster than ever, perform spectacular maneuvers with Arts and Opportunities.

Forget boring neverending turns of combat and unleash the power of your hero! 

1 die, 4 attributes, 6 origins, 16 skills, and 21 past experiences for endless customization

  • Learn the core mechanics in 5 minutes

  • Set your combat scenes with official maps and tokens 

  • Perform cinematics maneuvers and reroll unlucky shots with Gears of Fate

  • All the rolls are delegated to the players, so as a Narrator you are left free to lead them through the story   


Explore a mysterious world, where human life is scattered among six volcanic archipelagos surrounded by a stormy sea. Take to the seas or soar in the skies aboard an Airship, face lethal enemies with the power of sword and alchemy and unearth lost secrets. 

Each of the six nations of Vulcania is characterized by its own unique flavor, ranging from arid deserts and Moorish cities to rugged picks and oriental pagodas, from Victorian metropolis to wild west borderlands, from the icy tundra to post-apocalyptic wastelands.


tactical maps

Vulcania tactical maps give you five evocative steampunk locations perfect for your adventures!

They are designed for the intro adventure included in the rulebook, but they can easily fit endless situations.

The map pack includes two 11.7"x16.5" boards printed on both sides and a 16.5"x23.4" world map with a tactical airship map printed on the back.

narrator screen

The most distinguishing feature of Vulcania is the flow. With the three-panel screen, the Narrators will not waste their time searching for tables inside the rulebook.

And the art is amazing!


the rulebook

Vulcania is a 436 pages all-in-one rulebook containing all the rules to play, for both players and Narrators.

Inside the book, you can find game mechanics, setting, equipment, an exhaustive list of enemies and creatures, and an introductory adventure.

tokens & gears of fate

The token pack includes 50 Character tokens and 20 Gear of Fate tokens.

Each Character token is printed on both sides with different background colors to tell Player Characters from adversaries.


the steambag

The Vulcania Complete Bundle also includes a set of 6 custom d12 dice embellished with a black velvet bag adorned with a golden logo.

Gear Pills

Here are some explicative episodes to learn the core mechanics of the game

Core Mechanics
Opportunities & Gears of Fate

Vulcania Complete Bundle includes:

  • Vulcania - Core Rulebook 

  • Vulcania - PDF

  • World & Airship Map 

  • Narrator Screen 

  • Tactical Maps

  • SteamBag 

  • Tokens 

  • Shipping Included* 

* North America and Europe only

for ONLY 99$

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